What's working time?
Staff start their work from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekday, and most of them usually work overtime for customers. During the working time, each staff utilizes highly efficient time to work on serving customers with their professional skills. Our staff usually work overtime to try to solve the problems customers posed and do their best to satisfy the needs of customers at home and abroad.

INDUSTRIAL-MAN is thousands of people's first choice when they are in need of 3d prototyping. 3d prototyping is the main product of . It is diverse in variety. The professional talents, technique and Innovation are the vital strategy, furthermore, the capacity of R& D and the perfect technical background is the groundwork of company growing.Impressively realistic prototypes can be realized by INDUSTRIAL-MAN. 3d printing technology has the functions such as 3d lenticular printing as compared with other similar products. Material waste is kept to the absolute minimum at INDUSTRIAL-MAN.

Is committed to funding a more sustainable future. Inquire!
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